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AO Speight background

AO Speight Steeplejacks has a rich heritage and was established in 1937.


Over the past 88 years A.O. Speight has continued to provide industrial solutions and specialized in working at heights on industrial stacks.

Safety first

We have an excellent safety record and have teams of experienced and highly trained specialists at working at heights.


All equipment are regularly inspected by qualified lifting machinery inspectors as safety is our number one priority at all times.

Specialised Services

As specialists at working at heights and maintenance we have expanded our expertise and developed various services accross a range of industrial and commercial industries including refiniries, petroleum, pulp, mining, energy and infrastructure.

Featured Projects


AO Speight Steeplejacks successfully completed the Sappi Tugela Mill Project based in Mandini. AO Speight supplied and installed an access system for the CFB 25 Boiler Stack #2 (HP) including cat-ladders, access platforms, floor-grating, hand-railing, knee-bracing and lifting jib.

AO Speight Crew: Project Supervisor and 4 Specialist Sky-climbers

Stack height: 60 m



AO Speight Steeplejacks has undertaken a key project for Astron Energies Refinery in Cape Town, which entailed the inspection, refurbishment and maintenance repairs on the ME Stack and YIP Stacks.

Working at extreme heights with an impeccable safety record sets AO Speight apart from others and provides quality, assurance and peace of mind to our clients.

Industrial stack maintenance is critical in the petrochemical and mining industries. 

Sibanye logo.png


Sibanye Stillwater was founded in 2013 and is one of the world’s largest primary producer of Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Gold.

Sibanye also produce other PGM’S (Platinum Group Metals) like Iridium, Ruthenium, Chrome, Copper and Nickel used in the making of automotive catalytic converters, jewellery, electrical and electronics.

An AO Speight team of 7 including a dedicated Safety Officer and specialized high-risk sky climbers have undertaken a key project to inspect and refurbish a concrete mining stack.

Stack height: 123 m

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